Friday, June 19, 2009

finca de andres

Andres was so kind to let me use his two hundred year old finca to do a shoot with Antonia. Antonia is a fashion designer (shoes and handbags). She is so much fun to work with...and really patient dealing with me running around crazy adjusting lights, repositioning her and messing around with camera equipment for a couple of hours. Antonia says to me at the end of the shoot, "I want all the pictures, even the ones that are blurry!" You can see all the photos at:


Loyce said...

It seems like you're really having a good time there, Michael. Are you coming back to Florida or is that your new permanent home?

Terence said...

Dude, your photography is AWESOME...Somehow, I see it being more you than being a mortgage broker.

I didn't see a way to comment on your opening statement on this blog where you talk about changing your lifestyle, enjoy more relaxation, less work, more stimulation, etc.

But, I wanted to tell you how much I liked what you wrote, and how true I believe it is. I've lived my life that way to some extent but in some ways have never really taken that 180 degree change like you have.

And, I'm here to report that I'm doing it. I'm heading back to Dallas to open up a couple hot dog carts. My passion has always been performance. Yes, I've always been a show-off and selling Dallas Dogs allows me my very own stage, and I'm loving it.

Will be back in Colombia later this year and hope to see you again.

Terence from Texas