Monday, September 21, 2009

:: check out the Virgin Mary above my right shoulder :: a little creepy but I guess she guided me through a night of the blues during our first night at Dali Bar. The sound was fantastic and the lights made the stage hot as balls. Speaking of balls, Knuto and I are thinking of forming a Christmas blues band called Blues Balls.
:: above, me playing the second night at Barking Spider ::
Fotos by Cata and Felipe. Felipe was getting some cool effects by zooming the lens in and out.

:: Rock n Roll or the Blues? :: Knuto and I jammin' (with the help of the sweet virgin Mary)

Well, it's official :: Crossroads blues band of Medellin debuted with some raunchy blues this past weekend. Playing blues in the style of Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaugh, Albert King and Eric Clapton we were a hit at both venues. It was a pretty good feeling to hear the crowd yell, "mas mas mas" after we finished our set at Dali Bar. We got back up on stage and finished the night with an unrehearsed version "Hoochie Coochie Man." The band has some big plans in the next couple of months. We would like to add a horn section and female back up singers so we can do some soul blues from the 70's. That ain't no lettuce blues fans!

check out the new site:

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Laura McFarlane said...

Michael - this is so great - congrats!