Tuesday, September 29, 2009

fin de semana

Jim and I took the metro up to Santo Domingo. It used to be one of the most dangerous barrios in Medellin. Fairly tranquilo now and awesome views.
A little drunk dancing in the streets of Santo Domingo. Hittin' the bottle, baby!
Jim and I arrive at the top of the mountain in Santo Domingo. Some guy walks by all bloody which looked like three or four knife wounds. "Jim, what do you want to do?" "I think we should get a beer." "Ok, sounds good. Did you see that guy?" "Yeah, but I really want a beer."
Natali. We hung out with her parents and took photos. Her dad bought us a beer. I love Colombians.
She has such amazing eyes. I took photos of her and her daughter on the bus to Santa Elena.
Chillin' at the Pat's finca. My new Michael Jackson jacket.
Priscilla. Thorton's wife. She's a photographer. We will all having Sunday brunch at Pat's finca.

Trucha tartar on potato pancakes dressed with a spicy roasted pepper emulsion. Baked fish covered in herbs from Pat's garden. Pat's vino: fruit from fresa, mora and uchuva. No forks or plates required. "Everybody, fucking dig in!"

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