Friday, October 23, 2009

mistakes are beautiful

I had a recent post on facebook entitled “I am starting to love photographs that were originally mistakes” that got a lot of responses. I actually touched a few people in a unique way. The unique photo was of a friend in Santa Elena; I was teaching her some basic photography and I accidentally snapped a photo that turned out to be beautiful. I’m starting to look at my pictures, and life, a little differently after creating such a wonderful moment from nothing. With that in mind I want to spontaneously write about the little things that make Medellin so special to me:

1. 1. Girls that call your cell phone and hang up (they want you to call them back on your dime)

2. 2. The funky boiled quail egg hidden in your hamburgesa (sometimes you get two!)

3. 3. The late night roach coach that has a huge menu and sells every item for a dollar

4. 4. I had a intense debate with a friend a few weeks ago; we both agreed that a high number of car wrecks in Medellin are directly related to the half naked chicks on billboards that litter the city

5. 5. $2 breakfast that includes the whole works! $4 lunch (salad, soup, huge entre, juice and desert)

6. 6. Butt implants. It took me several months, but now I recognize a fake ass when I see one

7. 7. I am starting to understand why the mother is the most important woman in a man’s life

8. 8. The strange and beautiful tasting indigenous fruits of Colombia. I think I know why they are not being exported to USA. Ex: there is one fruit that looks like a gazillion fish eyes inside. But, it is delicioso!

9. 9. Super models at Bodytech. I find it humorous that I have been warned to stay away from them because they probably are dating local mafia

1010. The weather. Perfect everyday.

1111. Local expression “Que chimba”

1212. It’s not hip to wear shorts or flip flops ( exceptions)

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