Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Los Mamos de Sierra Nevada

Andy and I had the rare opportunity to take photos of the Mamos Indians (note: they are actually referred to as Los Mamos de la Sierra Nevada, an indigenous tribe from the mountainous region of Sierra Nevada). The Mamos don't normally allow people to photograph them because of their spiritual beliefs. This particular family fled to the region of Antioquia to escape persecution from the  FARC (guerillas).  We drove deep into the mountains to meet with the family, and when we arrived the smell of roasted tobacco and burning herbs permeated the crisp air.  Andy and I took time to get acquainted before asking if we could photograph them.  I even had a chance to play some guitar with the head chief before taking Josca with the family (Josca is some sort of drug that the Momas cultivate and is used to rid your body of bad thoughts)   Read more at lightenupandshoot.com. -Michael

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