Sunday, July 4, 2010

Work on your chops through the approach

One of the things I love to do is hit the streets and find people to shoot.  Location and model hunting is where I practice my chops.  One of the things I have learned recently is how to look for different light.   While I'm hunting for a location I think about color, contrast and softness.  I typically carry one speedlight and a reflector because I want to be able to set up in a matter of seconds.  I don't want the model that I have just met to get bored.  I know that I have probably less than a minute before the subject gets bored and loses interest in taking a picture with me.   While I am setting up,  I am joking around with the model and asking her questions.  I am trying to maintain the high energy I had when I initially approached the subject.  Once we start shooting I keep very relaxed and try to have fun with the subject.  Not only do you get to practice your photography skills but you never know the future possibilities of approaching someone for a shot.  I have had photo opportunities, friendships and a slew of different adventures arise simply because I asked to take a picture.

Here are some shots I did with a few different people over the past week while walking around my neighborhood:


Loyce said...

Beautiful, as usual, Mike. I love the drama you always manage to achieve with your lighting.

These girls are gorgeous, and if I hadn't seen you do this very thing, many times over, I'd think they were hired models. I KNOW better than that. You're amazing.

Tim said...

Amazing work.
your approach to photography is making it fun again for me.
Thanks mucho grande!