Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Displaced Families in Colombia

It's a humbling experience to see people that have been displaced from their homes.  I went into the mountains above Medellin, Colombia to visit a school that is for displaced kids due to the Colombian civil war.  My heart was nearly broken when I heard that there isn't enough money to feed all the kids.  Many of the kids don't have food to eat at home and often go hungry.  The school was filled with laughter and smiles as I walked around taking photos and teaching the kids English.  Check out if you would like to read more about a program that Marcos created to help the kids of El Pinar, Colombia.
 This is what a lot of the homes look like.  They are made from whatever people can find.
 This young girl turned 15 today.  I asked her if she had plans for her birthday and she said, "no."
 A group of kids heading up to class.  Marcos "The Father of the Mountains"  is holding an umbrella.
 I get several girls to pose for me.
 Some of the kids get an apple and a cookie each day.  For some, this is all they will eat in a day.
A shot of some of the older kids in a classroom.  Some of the older kids don't like having their photo taken.

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