Saturday, November 12, 2011

mixing, moving, shaping, playing with light

I have started playing with a very affective light set up that gives me tons of flexibility.  It's rather simple;  I point two lights towards each other and then shove the model directly in between.  I can then move the model in and out of the two lights while shooting from all different directions.  I don't have to move the lights...I move and I move the subject until I find the shot. 

Crazy shoot yesterday.  Almost started a riot in the hood, parrots showed up out of no where, 4 cop cars blocked the street while I shot.  When I asked my model, Laura E., what kind of music she wanted to hear she said, "Metal."


Hazyleaf said...
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Hazyleaf said...

Cool... so seeing as you use two lights facing each other, are they both set at the same output? or are you still setting one with more than the other? I'm assuming it would be personal preference, but figure since you're constantly moving in and out and moving the model and yourself, the lights would be set identically... this set of images rock, but I really do love that 2nd photo.. That's how I want to shoot... Thanks, Mikey!

aka - HazyLeaf