Monday, January 30, 2012

Finished up my 10 day photography trip in South America

I could not have asked for a better trip! I have countless photos and videos to go through. The trip went something like this: we blazed out of Medellin and first stopped in Jardin for two days to cut our teeth on video and photo techniques. After getting to know our strengths we bolted down to Valparaiso to shoot a small indigenous tribe before spending the night in Supia. We had heard that we could ask around the town to see if we could find a guide to take us into the goldmines. With a little luck and over a few beers we found a guide and met up at the goldmines in the morning. The video is going to be awesome!!! Leaving the goldmines we settled into Manizales and froze our tails off! We decided to take a day of rest and crank out a video. The hostel was overrun by our computers and planning for the next leg, Armenia. When we arrived in Armenia, we connected with a photography school called Contacto Escuela. They took us under their wing, showed us around and lined up a shoot for us on the rooftop the following day. After the shoot Troy and I gave a presentation for the students; my first attempt at a presentation in Spanish! Finishing up in Armenia we headed into Salento for a shoot with two models from Contacto. More video and photos to come! It's time to recover and sift through hours of video that Troy shot.

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