Wednesday, February 24, 2010

still trying to make art

In the past couple of weeks I have taken about hundred pictures of textures with my Canon point and shoot to combine with previous pictures hanging around in my catalog that I just haven't gotten around to deleting.  I am amazed how I have transformed these crummy pictures by combining pictures of a variety of different textures.  I have spent hours walking around taking pictures of grass, dirty windows, leaves, mold and splattered paint to name a few.  Now that I have a good idea what I am doing in photoshop I am ready to set out and start the process of deliberately making art from the ground up.  I want to do a shoot with a model and then build the textures around the shot.  So far I have only randomly combined textures with pictures that never made it to my portfolio.  Time to set out and come up with some cool art...I'm getting closer.


Audrey Johnson said...

This is cool! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Ken Clay said...

The textures are great! However, I'm a little worried about the photo with the girl in the grass . . . . where did the bubbles come from?