Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lensbaby and One Light

I ventured south of Medellin on Saturday to do some hiking near a pyramid shaped mountain called Cerro Tusa.  I hiked along an old railroad track that winds through the mountains and came across an old bridge that is probably 500 feet above a river.  A group of fire-fighters from Itagui were repelling down to the river;  somehow I ended up in gear and had a chance to do some repelling.  Note:  avoid trying a dangerous hobby if instructions are in a language you don't understand.  I used my lensbaby to get a shot of an angel that must have been watching over me.  I survived.

Sunday,  I headed to Santa Elena for some wine and photography with my new friend Patricia.  I gave Patricia a lesson in speedlights.  The shots are examples of how to control exposure using shutter and aperture.  The girl with the dog was so impressed with the pictures that she is going to hire Patricia for a shoot.

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Loyce said...

I love what you've done with the Lens Baby, Michael. I especially like the angel shot. Amazing imagery all around!