Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lightenupandshoot DAY with Westcott TOP PRO TOUR!!!!

Lightenupandshoot is kicking off the Westcott Top Pro Tour this Saturday, September 18th at the Morean Arts Center in downtown St. Petersburg at 1:00PM.  We have space for 70 people and about 40 have already signed up!!!   More info at the bottom:

We will be covering lighting with minimal gear (speedlights), how to find models, how to direct your subject, composition, how to find a location anywhere and it's going to be inspiring!  Bring your Backpacker's Studio (one light, stand, modifier, one lens and camera).  We will be shooting around downtown and it's best to travel light so you can focus on your photos and not a bunch of gear.  You can sign up for the event here: Sign Up for Lightenupandshoot DAY!   Morean Arts Center which is located at 719 Central Ave in downtown St. Petersburg: Google Maps Morean Arts Center

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