Sunday, September 19, 2010

Westcott Top Pro Workshop was a success

We had over 70 people show up to our workshop sponsored by Westcott on Saturday.  What a great turn out with a amazing models that we invited and there happened to be a rock-a-billy show about a block away at the State Theatre.  So, there were lots of rock-a-billies hanging out next to their 1930-60's cars parked along Central Avenue in downtown St. Petersburg.  The rockabillies are true characters to say the least and everyone just ate it up (even the rockabillies)!!!  Next,  we are off to Cologne, Germany and then Dublin, Ireland...taking the show on the road.  -Mikey

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Anonymous said...

Ole Guacamole...What a fantastic time with Mikey and Andy. The street photography was simply amazing. Hard to believe how much we learned in one afternoon with these guys...if you have a chance to hang with them it is highly recommended....and FUN.