Thursday, December 16, 2010

Help Portrait Lightenupandshoot Style - Influenced by Jeremy Cowart

Tis the season to give back and help portrait is all about giving back! For those that don't know, Help Portrait is an amazing project created by Jeremy Cowart. The concept is simple - Find a person in need - take their photo - print it - and deliver! Sounds simple, but us tell you, it's UNBELIEVABLE! 
We as professional photographers take photos for granted sometimes but there are thousands and probably millions of people who have never had a photograph taken, let alone a professional one! So this holiday season, GET OUT, GET INVOLVED AND GIVE BACK!
Check your area for HELP PORTRAIT events going on and get over there!
Lightenupandshoot is committed to this program that will be held every year! This video is all about Help Portrait Lightenupandshoot style in Medellin Colombia! With a simple setups - Nikon Camera, 50mm lens and Scrim and Reflector, Mikey set out to shoot, print and deliver photographs to the people of EL CENTRO (downtown) Medellin Colombia! 
Keep in mind, you don't need thousands and thousands of dollars in photography gear to make someone smile...all you need is the spirit of the Holidays and a camera!

More pics after the break!!!!!

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