Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I found an old mobile home park in Clearwater that I like.  It has a weird vibe to it, I felt like I was stuck in the 1950's with a bunch of old people staring at me.  But,  the pics are kind of cool.  Amber and I went for a retro vibe.  I used a beauty dish, octabox, bare bulb, softbox, ND filter, 50mm 1.4 and broke my Westcott.

No assistant today.  Windy as hell, semi-hot, full sunny conditions and strange location.  You can feel it in the pics.  But,  I like the strangeness of these images.

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Rebecca said...

Michael, I'm a huge fan and follower of your work. Loved your lightenupandshoot workshop through Creative Live. Recently, my husband and I moved to Bogot√°, and we´re loving it.

These photos are so intriguing and gorgeous! The girl is stunning and the props make her look even cooler. Your work never fails to inspire me!