Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rare Ninja

My video experience started out with a Canon Powershot 750 point and shoot style camera.  I made almost 100 videos with that little camera, mostly for with not much creativity in the actual video.  Recently I upgraded my video quality to a Nikon D7000.  Most of the time I shoot video clips of travel, photography tutorials and B-Role (like a street sign or landmark that helps tell the story of where you are).  Now that I have upgraded to the D7000, I can use all of my Nikon lenses to shoot video (wide, telephoto, fisheye, or strange Lensbaby effects) which helps in the creativity department.

On Friday I went to the beach with my friend, Caroline, to take a few pictures.  I was using the D7000 because I had been shooting Lightenupandshoot video earlier that day.   I decided to shoot some B-Role of the set-up so I could make a short tutorial on how to use a beauty dish and to show off my new minivagabond.  I liked the little 2 second clips of Caroline so much I threw together a quick video.  This video has me thinking how I could have really done something cool if I had thought about it.  More B-Role to show the environment and put together a storyline.  Video is becoming an important part of what we do as photographers.  Audio is the one part of video that really frustrates me, so shooting lots of little clips to tell a story is something I want to experiment with more in the future.  Enough of my rambling, here is Caroline playing around on the beach (shot with a 50mm at an aperture of 1.4; ND filter to adjust exposure)


Anonymous said...

If you're going to get into video, you need to learn the proper terminology. It's B-Roll not role. It comes from the time when rolls of film were used.

A-Roll is your primary footage, like an interview.

B-Roll is the footage used to cut away from your A-roll used in a way to help tell/reinforce a story line.

You should check out Vincent Laforet's course on Creative Live that he taught last year. That'll help you get a better understanding of the terminology of this business and it's a great technical course for anyone venturing into creating videos or films.

Anonymous said...

R u using the Opteka ND filter for 30 dollars on or the more expensive rip off Genus filter for 200.00 that is exactly the same as any other variable ND filter?